FAMILIA Signs Directors Duo

Directors Duo join for representation in the UK, US and Netherlands

By LBB Online
  • Directors Duo aka Benjamin Kratzin and Christopher Schlierf are joining the burgeoning roster of FAMILIA to add 3D arms and legs to their VFX director offerings.

  • FAMILIA is expanding their roster by adding Directors Duo for representation in the UK, US & Netherlands.

    Renowned as individual directors in their own right, in 2015 they joined forces and realised that two heads were indeed better than one.

    From Toby Walsham, executive producer: ‘’FAMILIA’s and Directors Duo’s visions are aligned. We want to make next gen work that speaks to a modern and constantly evolving audience. With FAMILIA working more and more in gaming, it’s great to invite a talent like Directors Duo to the family.’’

    Together they have built a reputation as being one of the most formidable names in large scale, VFX heavy commercial in the business. Their cinematic action sequences and technical aplomb have garnered them a Hollywood clientele including Warner Brothers and Marvel’s Ant Man, as well as firmly establishing themselves in the gaming world with Assassins Creed and Aldi Gaming.


  • Bringing their unique filmatic vision to the small screen through commercials is no mean feat, but Directors Duo consistently pack a suckerpunch and leave their clients (including Panasonic, BMW and VW) and audiences always wanting more.

    From Directors Duo: “Our trust in a company looking to push things creatively with a constant eye on the new and exciting is why we are pleased to be joining forces with FAMILIA.’’

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