FAMILIA is a next generation production house, creating award-winning work across commercials, fashion, music, film, photography, documentaries and beyond.

FAMILIA is pioneering the next evolutionary step in production. While representing amazing talent remains at the heart of what we do, we’ve taken it a step further with our industry-first approach, seamlessly blending data and creativity for exceptional client outcomes. By deeply understanding our audience and brands, and fostering a culture of innovation, we’ve struck the perfect balance between data and creativity – a harmonious fusion that redefines what it means to be a cutting-edge production company, elevating both talent and effectiveness to new heights.

We are a bold team of brave creatives looking to the future of filmmaking, with cultural awareness and integrity, but above all, a love of the craft.

We add value to each and every part of the production process, from pitch through to delivery. We work hard. We support our clients, and each other. We shoot cool things. and we have fun along the way. We are makers at heart. Creators of films, photos and content. We tell stories through the visuals we produce and we collaborate with forward thinking clients to bring their ideas to life.

We believe in our talent, and pride ourselves as a production house with a trusted global network of creative collaborators, who support and contribute to every project.

Lets make ideas better, together.


  • Simply loved my time working with the FAMILIA team. From our very first kick-off meeting to the clink of the drinks to celebrate the final delivery of our campaign, I knew we were in safe, caring and expert hands. FAMILIA managed an extremely brutal schedule with ease (brutal mainly because I didn’t want to give up a shot), never dropped the ball once, and made the very long shoot days a calming experience. Hats off to all the team, proper familia indeed.

    Mark Carolan, William Hill - Global Head of Creative


  • We made sure that every partner involved in creating the film had a clear commitment to sustainability. By working closely with FAMILIA, a production company that shares our values, we made sure that everything, from start to finish, had minimal carbon impact.

    Laura Melvin, House 337 - Senior Producer


  • Thank you for being so organised and getting everything together. Francis and the Familia team were great, definitely one of the more seamless shoots I’ve been on, everything in place, all shots captured, amazing locations. Constant energy, attention to detail, but still able to enjoy and have a laugh while we do it. Big shout to the catering team as well they were awesome, and aesthetically everything looked superb. 

    Lee Levy, Executive Creative Director - Guerrilla


  • From pitch to delivery the communication and problem-solving from Familia was on point - doing everything they could to find smart production solutions to help with restrictive budgets. The director Lisa Paclet was incredibly collaborative and was happy to work alongside creative teams to maximise creative output while patiently dealing with client feedback.

    Tom Ayling, Producer - The Corner


  • This was our second project together and sometimes when the first one goes so well you think it may have been a fluke or we just got really lucky, but the proof has been in the pudding in round two. I think FAMILIA is a hugely creative and inspiring team; there wasn’t a challenge or problem that Toby and team didn't approach with positivity, calmness and a focus on a solution.

    Lucy Hyde, Head of Marketing - SKY


  • Clients tend to lean towards the rational. Agencies and production companies tend to lean towards the intuitive. Making an ad can sometimes feel like an arm wrestle between the thinkers and the feelers. Great work comes when the two camps stop wrestling and start dancing. The unique process that Familia uses strikes the perfect balance between creativity and rationale. They use research to give their creative decisions an all-important ‘Why?’ Which puts clients at ease and pushes the creative to unexpected places.

    Dom Sweeney, Head of Creative - Innocean


FAMILIA has long been committed to diversity and inclusion as moral and business imperatives. We have also adapted our course to include sustainable policies that mirror our values as a company and how we want to operate efficiently in a modern landscape, pioneering the charge forward as a sustainable production partner for our clients.

FAMILIA is one of the first production companies to have successfully completed a net zero production.

It is essential that our content and creative partners reflect the diversity of our society and the world around us.

Together with other production companies, networks, guilds, unions, talent agencies and others in the industry. We all must ensure there is greater inclusion of women, people of colour, the LGBTQA+ community, those with disabilities and other underrepresented groups in greater numbers both in front of and behind the camera.

FAMILIA is a dynamic creative hub, uniting diverse content creators driven by a shared passion for crafting imaginative, impactful work. We host a diverse talent pool in film and photography, celebrating varied backgrounds, cultures, and orientations. Our core mission is fostering inclusivity in visual storytelling.

Our unwavering commitment extends to strong diversity and inclusivity policies, not only for our talent but also across our production teams and shooting crews. We’re a bold, unified team, valuing every voice, regardless of background.

At FAMILIA, we proudly represent directors and photographers who are POC, LGBTQIA+ individuals, female, male, working worldwide. These relationships thrive within our FAMILIA community. Our culture and commitment to this creative community reflect our forward-thinking approach, dedicated to showcasing + collaborating with diverse talents globally.

Lets make ideas better, together.

We believe that every business in the 21st century is duty bound to having an environmental conscience, understanding that the planet’s resources are finite and knowing that what we leave behind for the next generation is of unequalled importance. Thinking green and being sustainable are more than just buzzwords to us, having become a mindset that will continue to grow stronger with each year that passes.

The industry we work in has had to come to terms with unnecessary waste and the carbon footprint left behind in its wake. We see ourselves at the forefront of this new wave of change, thinking green and making this an agenda on each of our projects, manifesting itself into our first-ever net-zero campaign! Shooting in a studio powered by solar panels meaning everything was powered by green energy.

We now run green and sustainable productions, recently eliminating hard drives from our productions, now using a cloud-based company for storing and sharing rushes. That means no more hard drives shipped from Asia, which is easier on our planet and our budgets. Win-win! Furthermore we now offset our carbon footprint by planting trees in the Scottish highlands…..the least that can be expected by any production company in our eyes!

More needs to be done and we’re always looking to collaborate with partners who have a meaningful commitment to sustainability. It’s our mission at FAMILIA to make all our shoots carbon-neutral. In addition to big changes, we focus on making small steps with the philosophy that many small changes lead to big differences.