Will Innes Smith for Booking.com latest ICC Sponsorship film

How FAMILIA and Will Innes Smith turned iconic Twickenham Rugby Stadium into an Australian Cricket grounds for Booking.com latest ICC sponsorship film, featuring cricket legends Pat Cumins, Jos Butler and Suresh Raina

  • In a 30” spot, directed by FAMILIA’s Will Innes Smith, we see a son make a booking for his father. The two cricket fans find themselves experiencing  unforgettable moments – from an epic catch in  the crowd at a live game between Australia and England, and coming face-to-face with some of the world’s best cricket players. Through all this, the viewer witnesses the buzz of live cricket and the energy of the fans in the stadium come to life.

  • “At its heart the film is about how cricket as a sport unites. Like the teams they support the two characters central to the story – a father and his son – share the bittersweet rivalry England and Australia have tussled over for centuries. Enemies one moment, best of friends the next. Above all a shared love for the game and each other.

    This film had such a big story to tell. A story of a father and son, booking a hotel on the Booking.com app, traveling to a game, making once in a lifetime memories, meeting their heroes whilst all the while ensuring that the film was equally a travel and a cricket film for fans.

    This is a real win. Too often, something has to give and we were able to keep the premise of the vision to achieve all of the above elements and more.”  – Will Innes Smith – Director

  • "In many ways its a dream come true, and I think under pinning all that is the idea that sport really brings people together" - Will Innes Smith - Director

  • “I am incredibly proud of the work produced for the recent Booking.com ICC sponsorship. The collaboration between Booking.com, Adam&EveDDB and FAMILIA made for a perfect storm is expertises to really nail this project.

    Our director Will Innes Smith, has a deep understanding of cricket, having previously directed films in this space along with being a huge fan of the sport. This allowed for the finished product to not only be a dynamic and creative film, but also one that is authentic and true to the sport. The film works as both a travel film and a cricket fan film, littered with easter eggs for the avid fan to spot.” – Toby Walsham – Producer