Asahi and FAMILIA Zoom through Modern Japan in Dynamic Campaign

Director Fausto Beccati developed the spots using insights from FAMILIA’s next generation tools department.

By LBB Online
  • Asahi has enlisted the talents of creative agency Trouble Maker and FAMILIA director Fausto Beccati to craft ‘Super Dry’, a dynamic new campaign for its 0.0% beer.

  • Cut to an energetic track, the spot takes viewers on an vibrant journey through modern day Japan, zooming through shots of glistening Asahi bottles, bubbles, and bustling neon city life. Whether in a bar, on the town, or on a rooftop, the 0.0% beer is shown to be the perfect accompaniment to socialising with friends.

  • FAMILIA director Fausto Beccati was tasked with the brief to make a 0.0% beer commercial that stands out, making Asahi’s non-alcoholic offering feel fresh in a rapidly growing sector. With trends showing that alcohol consumption is on the decline, especially amongst younger generations, Fausto opted to reflect this by placing the product in settings such as bars, showing young people making the strategic switch from traditional alcohol.

  • To ensure the best solutions for the client, Fausto turned to FAMILIA’s next generation tools department for insights. These showed that consumers prefer to focus on real, authentic moments of enjoyment, as well as revealing that many consider 0.0% beers ‘fake’. With a view to combat this, the team endeavoured to keep the campaign as grounded in reality as possible, featuring real people from the region and shooting on location in Tokyo.
  • Envisioning the ambitious creative of a forward-tracking collage of craziness that celebrates modern day Japan, Fausto required a host of specialist equipment on set. The list included a Venice 2 with 8k high-res capture, macro lenses, and a probe lens to shoot textures on an iPad screen through different objects, building up a library of O-shaped textures for the online process. To composite multiple takes together, they used the Bolt system for motion-control, and techno-cranes to get the forward movement of the camera. They also used an electric motorbike with a stabilised head to get the shot of the cast running, due to restrictions on building equipment in the street.

  • Fausto Beccati comments: “Capturing modern day Japan in only 15 seconds was an exciting challenge, and I think we’ve made something fresh and unique in the marketplace of non-alcoholic beverages. It also loops seamlessly, giving it that re-watchability factor which makes it stand out. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the crew in Japan – they were so professional and amazing!”